In our continuous push to provide you with the most valuable products, DirectHealth is excited to announce our new partnership with Amplifon to provide you with access to deeply discounted hearing aids and hearing healthcare services. On behalf of DirectHealth, Amplifon will serve as a concierge, and work with you every step of the way to find the solution that is right for you by providing personalized service, high quality care, and exceptional products for every budget. 

Amplifon’s program currently covers more than 100+ million lives through a nationwide provider network of 5,500+ hearing care locations. The Amplifon partnership will allow you to take advantage of deep discounts on over 2,800 models of hearing aids manufactured by the leading brands. In addition, you will receive average savings of 56% off MSRP and 40% off all hearing services received by one of our providers.

Amplifon believes everyone has the right to hear the sounds of life and we look forward to providing this additional benefit to you and your family!